Barrette Legal offers an extensive range of expertise. It makes it a point of honour to excel in the following areas of legal practice:

• Intellectual property
• Business law
• Litigation

Intellectual property

Because intellectual property issues arise in a wide variety of contexts, Barrette Legal and partners takes a multi-disciplinary approach to the practice of this area of law. Our Intellectual Property Group is composed of a team of dynamic and highly creative professionals who bring a wide range of training and experience to this and related practice areas.

New technologies and new ideas drive today's economy, which makes intellectual property a key factor in business success. While intellectual property is especially vital for high-technology firms, its importance cuts across industry sectors as well as national boundaries. Businesses in Canada and around the world have a growing need for legal advisers in innovation to help them exploit their intellectual property to the fullest extent and in as many markets as possible, while reducing the risks of that exploitation.

Among the areas in which Barrette Legal and partners provides intellectual property expertise and assistance are:

  • Registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights


  • Acquisition, protection and exploitation of intellectual property rights, in Canada and abroad


  • Intellectual property and unfair competition litigation


  • Corporate transactions: licensing, public offerings, joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures


  • Advanced technology interest


  • Intellectual property on Internet


  • Trade secrets and confidential information




Barrette Legal renders opinion regarding the availability of trademarks, and files and prosecutes applications to register trademark in Canada. We also represent clients in opposition proceedings and cancellation proceedings before the Registrar of Trademarks and in infringement and cancellation actions before the Federal Court. The Intellectual Property Group performs due diligence to enable clients to assess trademarks in the context of investments in, or the acquisition of, a business. Barrette Legal also offers advice regarding enforcement and registration of security interest in intellectual property assets in general, and trademarks in particular.

Patents and Industrial Designs


Barrette Legal and partners offers the full range of patent agency and legal services required by our clients to formulate a patent strategy, protect their inventions, and manage their patent and industrial design portfolios. We provide searching, patent drafting, filing and prosecution services. We also assist client in connection with infringement and validity opinions, licensing and litigation, all of which can be critical in exploiting and/or protecting intellectual property. Barrette Legal uses many creative approaches for protecting the full scope of innovations and continuing improvements to those innovations.




Barrette Legal handles a broad range of copyright matters on behalf of its clients, whether the works consist of computer software or more traditional forms of copyright such as movies, books, paintings or sculptures. We assist our client with registration matters, title searching, document recordation, exploitation of copyrights through commercial agreements (licenses, distribution agreements etc.), as well as matters relating to the collective administration of copyright. We also advise on, and litigate-copyright infringement matters and provide opinions on copyright ability, security interests and ownership disputes between companies, their employees, and independent contractors concerning ownership of copyrighted material, trade secrets and confidential information.


Food, Pharmaceutical and health regulatory


Barrette Legal as an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the food, pharmaceutical, medical device and natural health product sectors. We evaluate and provide advice regarding compliance with a wide variety of laws, regulations and other standards applicable to medicines, drugs, health products and devices. We also have extensive experience in advising clients with respect to packaging, labeling, marketing and advertising of pharmaceutical products, natural health products and medical devices.

Business Law

Recognized as a benchmark in business law, our team of professionals is audacious and constantly guided by an entrepreneurial spirit. Since the business environment is not always a bed of roses, our team of professionals will be there at your side, regardless of the circumstances, to support you, counsel you and recommend optimal solutions for resolving your problems.

Taking our clients' success to heart, the team always makes every possible effort to achieve targeted objectives and move your business forward to reach its best potential.

We work in highly varied fields of expertise, more specifically in the following areas:  

  • Distribution contracts/agreements
  • Service contracts
  • Franchising
  • Drafting and interpretation of license and franchise agreements
  • Supply contracts
  • Joint venture agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Confidentiality agreements
  • Technology transfer
  • Software agreements
  • Outsourcing contracts

If you want a passionate team to take charge of the management of your company and your affairs, then assign your case to Barrette Legal.


Leaders in the field who enjoy an excellent reputation in intellectual property, unfair competition, civil, commercial and tax, the professionals of our litigation team devote all their energy and talent to meeting and even surpassing your expectations.

Today, disputes are increasingly common and it is sometimes necessary to call upon legal specialists to resolve them. For this reason, Barrette Legal has surrounded itself with indispensable support resources who second our professionals in a range of mandates. All show the same concern in taking the same strategic and pragmatic approach to resolving your disputes.

Our litigation team is dynamic, innovative and it is composed of seasoned counsel. Our attorneys argue cases in provincial and federal jurisdictions. Ever mindful of our clients' interests, we are meticulous in preparing our cases.